Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Salute them..GGMU!!

Salam (^_^)

its difficult to start a new entry when we just lost at The Wembley..
as a true supporter, it just a small matter right?
its not a big deal...

don't forget that we also just won the 19th premier league title..
for me..
we can't ask more than's more that enough...
coz all the player give their best to compete in all competition..


that's the word that we gonna hold...ok (^_^)

orait...back to the main topic..hee
as we all know, that two of our senior player Edwin Van Der Sar and Paul Scholes has announced their retirement from football..
especially from Man Utd...(-_-)..sob..sob..

for this season..we have loss 3 big names.. including Gary Neville..

Gary Neville

Paul Scholes
Edwin Van Der Sar
i wish all the best to them..
hope their still involve in football to bring more development especially for Man Utd young player..

lets enjoy all the action from this three big player of Man Utd..

hope you enjoy it..
bye... (^_^)

p/s : sorry if my english sounds bad..heee

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